Airport & Pilot Services

Airport Services

South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field (ELD) is a city owned commercial service airport in south central Arkansas. Located 8 miles west of the El Dorado city center, the airport occupies 1,540 acres. There are two runways located at the airport. Runway 4-22 is the primary runway, measuring 6,601 feet in length; and Runway 13-31 is the crosswind runway, measuring 5,100 feet in length. Runway 4-22 has a full parallel taxiway and the approach end of Runway 31 is connected to the apron area by a taxiway. An ILS precision approach is available to Runway 22, with multiple GPS and non-precision approaches available to both Runways 4 and 22.

The fixed base operator on the field provides both 100LL and Jet A fueling, deicing, overnight hangar and tie-downs. Hangar services are available in our new 14,950 sq ft corporate hangar as well as several private hangars which are available for monthly rent. We can accommodate any aircraft from the smallest single to large business jets. Catering needs of all types can be arranged through several outstanding El Dorado eateries.

Scheduled commercial airline service is offered to Dallas (DFW) Southern Airways Express. Several corporate flight departments are based at the airport, and are housed in large conventional hangars. Smaller hangars accommodate most other based aircraft. Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access is available in the terminal.

On-Field Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic (A&P)

South Arkansas Regional Airport is proudly serviced by Faith Aviation as an on-field A&P. James and Norm Faith, father and son, have been in business for 22 years. Norm Faith has received the Charles Taylor award for 50+ years of experience and a lifetime accomplishments. For more information, contact James Faith at (870)-875-1025.

Conference Facility area is available to rent. Contact the Airport Manager for pricing and details.

Conference 1 – Suitable for a lecture/classroom type setting.
Size: 35ft x 25ft
Capacity:Seats 40 comfortably

Conference 2 – Unfurnished, but ideal for serving food and drinks, a standing room, etc.
Size: 28ft x 12ft

Large Boardroom – Has a 12-person conference table.
Size: 25ft x 15ft
Capacity: seats 12 comfortably

Small Boardroom – Has a 4-person conference table.
Size: 15ft x 9ft
Capacity: seats 4 comfortably

South Arkansas Regional Airport has pilot preferred hotel rates. County Inn and Suites and Union Square Guest Quarters offer discounts to pilots staying in El Dorado. Contact: 870-881-4192 for more information on how to receive the discounts.

For local hotel information, visit

U-Save Car & Truck Rental

  • Easy, reliable service
  • 18+ years servicing South Arkansas Regional Airport
  • Locally owned
  • Call 870.864.9761 or 870.918.2891

Pilot Services

South Arkansas Regional Airport is served by a city-owned Fixed Based Operator (FBO) that provides fuel services at the airport. We offer AVFuel branded 100LL Avgas and Jet A fuels, (both of which are full service). Additional features include a pilot’s lounge, conference facilities, courtesy cars, rental car availability and complimentary fiber optic high speed Wi-Fi Internet access. Ground Power Unit (GPU) is available upon request.


Airport Hours

Monday – Friday 7am to 8pm,
Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 9:00am to 8:00pm


Johnathan Estes, Manager

We offer 24/7/365 call out service for a minimal fee. See Airport Services for details about our on field A&P.

Airport Information


92 48 47.80 West


33 13 15.50 North


277’ (84m)

Runway 4/22

(6601′ x 150′)
Surface: Asphalt/saw-cut or grooved (Good cond.), lighted

Runway 13/31

(5100′ x 100′)
Surface: Asphalt (Good cond.), lighted

Airport Frequencies

CTAF 123.000 MHz


Avgas 100LL
Jet A



For more detailed pilot services information visit the KELD section of or